Friday, January 27, 2017

Traveling with a Baby- My Tips and Tricks

I posted in my Instagram story earlier this week videos about Lila and me flying and had so many questions about how I fly with a baby. Now, I'm not an expert like some other people I know, and Lila is a really good baby which helps, but this was Lila's 8th flight so we do have some experience. Plus, being the oldest of a family that loves to travel has helped me learn a lot over the years.  So here are some tips and tricks!
(this picture is from awhile ago, but it's the most accurate photo for how I travel.)

Call your airline before your flight date to see what you need to do when you have an infant. Each airline is a little different. Delta has never asked me for any information about Lila, whereas Southwest needs some sort of ID (birth certificate, Shot record). It also will make your time at the airport shorter if you've already added them to your ticket. (all the airlines I have flown you have to call to add them you can't do it online)


Gate check will be your best friend when you're traveling with a baby. I always gate check my stroller and carseat. If you don't know what gate check is, it is different than checking your bag. NEVER check your carseat with your bags. It can hurt the integrity of the carseat being thrown around with the bags and make it less safe for future use. It also will cause you quite the problem if your luggage is lost because you will have no way to safely transport your baby. When you gate check something you take it with you through security to your gate. You go up to the counter at your gate and tell them you need to gate check your stroller and carseat (you NEED them both gate checked because they will come apart and one will get lost). If you have a layover they will ask if you want it during your layover and always say YES! After you get your gate check tags you don't need to worry about anything until you board the plane. At the end of the tarmac you will leave your stroller folded up and your carseat as well (if you can't take it on the plane - info in next point). When you get off your flight your stroller and carseat will be right at the end of the tarmac at the destination waiting for you :) If you have a connecting flight, you have to get new gate checks! So head right to your new gate and repeat the gate checking process (it really takes two seconds). Then you can enjoy your layover with your babe in their stroller and not on your hip ;)

As far as taking a carseat on a flight, it is the best! To guarantee that you will have a seat for your carseat you will have to buy your baby a ticket. I have never done this. I just always try to book flights on tuesday haha It is the least traveled day of the week and when I have booked my flights on that day the plane is never full. I always ask when I check in if the plane has space for me to bring my carseat and if they have extra seats they will say yes. Then I just carry it on and put Lila in it for take off and landing. She usually wakes up in the middle of the flight and we play on my lap. They will ask you when taking their head count if the carseat ticket was purchased or not and you just say no :) I LOVE when I get to take Lila's carseat on the plane. It happens about 50% of the time for me when I fly southwest. It makes everything SO easy. When I carry her on and off the plane I have her in the carseat and then when I get off the plane I can just snap her into the stroller in seconds and roll away. 

I'm sure you have heard these tips before, but they're important! I do them every time we fly and I've never had a crying baby on a flight. So, the tip is to have them nursing, drinking a bottle or sucking on a binky during takeoff and landing. This helps equalize the pressure in their ears. Half the time I nurse and half the time I make sure she is sucking on her binky. If you are nursing you HAVE to have the covered goods nursing cover. I've tried multiple kinds and this is the absolute best for flying. It covers you 360 degrees so you don't have to worry about anything when you're sitting so close to a stranger hahaha I had to nurse Lila once while shoulder to shoulder with a two middle aged men. It was SOOO uncomfortable but you gotta do what you gotta do to feed your baby!

- Extra wipes and diapers than you would normally have in your diaper bag just in case
- An extra outfit (also in case of an emergency) 
- 3-4 burp cloths. You can never have too many of these in my opinion
- 5-8 toys that your baby loves and are entertaining but aren't too loud to bother other passengers (Lila loves the crinkle books! and we steer clear of electronic toys that play the same song over and over again haha)
-2 binkies (you always need a backup in case)
- Wrap. If your baby is new the wrap is a must! I would wrap Lila up to me before I got on the plane and she would fall asleep in there until we landed. It was great! She's too big for it now, but it was awesome in the first 3 months. 
-Birth certificate or shot record
FOR YOU- phone charger, wallet, phone and ear buds (you never know when you're babe is going to fall asleep and you'll want to enjoy that time!)

That's all I can think of right now! If you have any other questions, just shoot me a direct message on instagram!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Since Lila came around I always seem to grab sneakers or flats! I have really fallen in love with comfy and gorgeous sneakers! These are some of my favorite right now. I have the blush velvet ones and the snakeskin printed ones too. I wear them almost everyday. I think I'm going to need to order a few more.....

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lorena Canals Machine Washable Rugs!

 photo IMG_7796_zpssvqarvvb.jpg
OK! I am so excited to share one of my favorite companies with you today!! Lorena Canals Rugs!

Not only are their rugs and cushions GORGEOUS, but they are machine washable in any standard washer and dryer! That's right!!
It really seems too good to be true. A soft machine washable rug is perfect for babies and kids. Lila is always making some sort of mess and it's nice I don't have to worry about it when we're playing on this rug!

They have a home collection that is beautiful for adult spaces and kids collections perfect for nurseries and kids rooms! All of their rugs are made with all natural dyes, handmade in India, eco and contain no VOC's like in most carpeting and rugs! Also, their proceeds support the Sakula project and provide schooling for children in India (I love companies that give back!)

Not to mention that for a gorgeous rug it's really affordable! I just love the ombre grey one I chose and I'm obsessed with the tassels!!

 photo IMG_7811_zpsabk9nsog.jpg
 photo IMG_7802_zpsimeknxxr.jpg
 photo IMG_7874_zpsnynenyvc.jpg
 photo IMG_7797_zpscrbzapv5.jpg
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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Lessons from an Infertile Mom : OUR JOURNEY

I talked about this a few months ago on Instagram, but I am starting a new series called Lessons From An Infertile Mom. I've decided that this series will be done with video since it is the easiest way for me to answer questions and really convey my feelings. 

I felt like the best way to begin this series was to share our story. I'm sorry it is so long, but I really didn't even go into great detail (our story is a long one).

If you have any questions about our journey, infertility, miscarriage or things I have learned please email me and I will try to answer them in one of the series videos!

I love you all!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Binxy baby shopping cart hammock

 photo binxy1_zpsnzyvn4jg.jpg

Ok friends, today I wanted to share with you another totally genius baby product! The Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock!

I remember the first time going back to the grocery store after having Lila, I was SO nervous that she would cry the whole time. So I timed it perfectly and went right when I knew she would be taking a nap. What I didn't know is how hard it would be to get all my groceries to fit in the cart with Lila's car seat taking up the bulk of it! Seriously I felt like it was tetris or something trying to fit everything in the cracks! haha

Enter the shopping cart hammock! It is seriously genius! It's light weight, portable and safety tested. It fits in most standard grocery carts and it is also strong enough to hold a car seat or up to 50lbs!

It is so fantastic because it leaves the whole cart open to fit everything and Lila loves looking around too! I didn't snap a pic of using it with her car seat, but that you can use it both ways is a huge plus! If Lila is asleep in her car seat I just strap it into the hammock and if not I strap her into the hammock herself.

It's so genius that I get asked multiple times by moms when I go to the grocery store what it is and where they can buy it.

 photo binxy5_zpsdg9htxkq.jpg

 photo binxy7_zps1klt1prz.jpg
Chocolate milk is my weakness.... Has been since I got pregnant.
I grab one when I walk into the grocery store and drink it as I shop. haha. Anything to make grocery shopping more enjoyable right??

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