Thursday, May 26, 2016

The most wonderful Spring!

I have really had the most amazing Spring! 
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At the end of April I graduated from BYU with my masters degree in Speech Language Pathology. Heck yes!! I did it! It was so much harder and longer than I expected, but I did it! Waahoo! haha:)
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This guy was always there to support me and push me through the hardest times! I'm just the luckiest to have him by my side!
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He knows me so well and surprised me with those beautiful tulips after I walked. 
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To celebrate we went to InNOut. Real classy I know haha
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This is the outfit I wore under my gown for graduation day. I just love my bump so much and this dress is my favorite to show it off. Also the shoes!!! They are THE comfiest. I think I might have to get another pair in a different color...
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The lilacs this spring were exceptional! They are my favorite flower and smell. 
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We've spent a lot of this spring hanging with some of our favorite people. Double date to the arcade with some of our besties.
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We also went on a weekend cabin couples trip. It was a blast! Mainly because we won in the spike ball tournament haha no really, just having a relaxing and fun weekend away with friends and laughing till it hurt was amazing!
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We were at the cabin on Mothers Day and my cute friend surprised me with breakfast in bed for my "first mothers day". Isn't she the sweetest?! My hubby also surprised me with a card and a box of chocolates (he knows the way to a pregnant lady's heart haha)
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Also, I got to tag along with my talented friend and makeup artist Rachel to be her model for a class. Free makeover?! Yes please. We also stopped at Ikea on the way home and had delicious Swedish meatballs and an impromptu photo shoot. 
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Life is so fun right now and I'm trying to enjoy every moment of being pregnant even though I really am just so impatient to meet this little lady!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Nordstom Anniversary Picks!

Sadly none of the items in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale were maternity (insert disappointed face). But man, there sure are a lot of shoes, handbags and accessories that I love! Trying to keep my purchasing to one or two of these. Wish me luck! haha

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Showered with Love

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Yesterday I had the most beautiful baby shower for baby girl! It was so special! I have wished and prayed for the day I would get to have a baby shower for years. It was a fantastic celebration of this little miracle! I loved getting to see so many of my friends and celebrate together! Also the food was delicious! :)
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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Bow Hanger- cute and easy DIY

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Today I've got a super easy DIY for a bow hanger in baby girl's nursery!
I'm as girly as they come so I knew I would need something to hang all of the many bow I've began to collect for my sweet little babe. 
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I started with this framed art piece a family friend had gifted me to that she didn't want (and knew I would find a creative way to use it). You could use any size frame! I would just go to you're local goodwill and find something that would work in your nursery.
 photo IMG_1357_zps2cps8x7w.jpg
I took out the glass, art and backing. Then I painted the frame using some left over chalk paint I had from painting the dresser in the nursery. I used the Americana brand chalk paint that you can buy at Michaels, Joanns, Hobby Lobby or Home Depot. It covers really quickly and you don't have to sand or prep the wood (huge plus!) You could use any paint though!
 photo IMG_1381_zpscjdc0oqz.jpg
I bought gold decorative floral wire from Joanns (make sure to use a coupon!) and clothes pins from the dollar store (discovered they're actually cheaper at walmart). 
 photo IMG_1383_zpsa4rox59m.jpg
I painted the clothespins pink because I thought that would make it look so much cuter:)
 photo IMG_1384_zps2rmrlani.jpg
I used tiny nails (I think they were upholstery nails) to loop the wire around and sting back and forth. I pushed the wire forward as I looped it so it would stick out from the wall when it hangs.
 photo IMG_1385_zpskvr0joye.jpg
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And that's it! I think it turned out so cute! I can't wait to get more bows to hang on it!
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