Tuesday, September 2, 2014

End of Summer Fun

Our long weekend wasn't anything too extravagant, but it was wonderful!
 It started out with what scott and I have been waiting for all summer. Football!! 
It is our favorite time of year and we're a little obsessed. Plus, we won. 
Also, I did a blog post here about how to make these cookies forever ago when I first started my blog since I had some questions. 
Saturday we spent some time at the gym and watched a lot of football :)
I also attempted the infamous half up topknot and I kinda liked it. I'm totally open to opinions though! 
 Labor day I did some shopping (of course) and we rented a puppy....again!
This little guy was the cutest puppy I have ever seen and I wanted to keep him so bad! One day I will convince Scott haha
 Little Oso loved Scott. It was adorable.

Here's to the beginning of Fall!!! Yay

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  1. half-up topknot is super cute on you!! I feel like I'd look so silly rockin it.

  2. i'm all for that top-knot, truly, you rock it.

  3. It doesn't look like Scott needs much convincing, he looks pretty smitten to me!

  4. How do you rent a puppy?!?! I love puppies and I want one so bad but I know I'm not home enough now to take care of one or train it. But I would love to play with one. Those cookies look so good and festive. I need to venture out with my hair so I might have to try this halfup do.

  5. That puppy is the cutest thing ever!