Saturday, September 27, 2014

Braid obsessed

Braids are all the rage at the moment and I'm in love with them. It's taken a lot of practicing for me to create semi-acceptable braids, but it has been fun experimenting. I thought I'd share some of my many "braid selfies"
My two favorite styles are a side braid with my hair down and side braid into a low or mid pony.

I'm still working on the double dutch braid. 

Happy Saturday :)
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  1. That double Dutch braid is gorgeous!! I am terrible at doing braids, but hopefully with a little practice they can be as good as yours!

  2. Blonde braids are so fun since you can actually see them. I feel like mine just blend in. so pretty Elise!

  3. That braid is so cute! I always try to do things like that with my hair and fail drastically. So I just now appreciate others :)

  4. Love this! I usually always have to have my hair pinned back when I wear it down, and I like doing two tiny braids on either side to dress it up a little. The last one is so cute!

  5. I love all of these! I don't have a lot of patience when it comes to trying new things with my I get all frustrated and give up. You should do tutorials'd be my savior

  6. Loving the braids on you. So pretty! I wish I could do a french braid..I would rock them all the time!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style