Sunday, May 18, 2014

Rock Water Slide and a Puppy

 This weekend felt like summer! It was exactly what I needed!
We had planned on going camping in Moab, but that fell through at the last minute, so we explored a bit of our own backyard and it was a blast! Once Scott was done working- Friday night consisted of In-n-out burgers and Forest Gump. Saturday we had banana crepes with strawberries for breakfast (yum), cleaned up my cruiser bike for the summer and headed out for a hiking adventure. I had heard about this natural water slide not too far from where we live so we thought we'd check it out. Oh my, it was so much fun!! It was so scary looking, the water was running so quickly, oh and did I mention the water was freeeeezing? But I did it! After Scott did it of course haha, but it was a blast and didn't hurt a bit! We slid down a few times, explored the surrounding waterfalls and laid out in the sun for a bit before hiking back down.
This is the "rock water slide". It looks so much bigger and scarier in person...I promise.
Then we headed to Ikea real quick to get myself a full length mirror. I don't know how I've survived without one for 18 months. It's so nice to see my whole outfit haha

Then we rented a puppy!!!!
Oh my goodness, little James was so cute! He's Chihuahua Yorkie Mix and such a tiny little guy.
We had so much fun playing with him in the park.

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  1. That puppy is adorable - how did you rent him? For a few hours? For a day?

  2. Can I rent a puppy, too? LOL he's adorable. The waterfall is beautiful; I can't imagine how cold that water was x).

  3. I'm so do you rent a puppy??? haha! Love the idea tho! I'm so jealous of the slides! That looks like so much fun! They have a natural water slide at Ohiopyle park near us but I always wondered if it would hurt and scratch me all up.

  4. Holy crap that looks like fun! I wanna go! Aww, oh my goodness! That is one cute puppy!

  5. That puppy is the cutest! So sad that you don't get to keep him though!


  6. Wait how do you rent a puppy?!?! I need to do that! He is the cutest thing ever! And I love sliding rock, so fun!


  7. Okay, you need a puppy IMMEDIATELY! You look so happy with him!

  8. wait... banana crepes with strawberries? recipe please!! also, where is that waterslide? i feel like that's something i need to add to my "utah" section of my travel journal, haha.
    the little diary