Friday, May 30, 2014

Black, Blue and Tulle

Top|J.Crew  Skirt|Forever21   Bag|H&M, obsessed with this bag  Wedges|Nordstrom Rack, similar here and here    Necklace|Mindy Mae's Market    Watch|Kate Spade

I've been in love with tulle skirts for quite a while now. But there was one skirt in particular that I fell in love with from anthropologie. I wanted it like crazy, it was so gorgeous! I even put it in my online shopping cart 3 or 4 times, but I could never push the purchase button. 200 bucks was just too much. Fast forward a few months and I'm pursuing online at Forever21 and I see this skirt! It was a total copy cat! I knew the quality would be no where close to the anthropologie skirt of my dreams but it would be totally worth the 15 bucks!
Needless to say, it came and I'm in love:) 

So, that is the story of the lace overlaid tulle skirt. Also, I love these wedges!
 Happy Friday!
I LIVE for weekends.

Photography by Hannah

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Happenings

Memorial Day weekend was a relaxing and fun one for us! It really made us feel like summer has arrived.
Work and school have been pretty crazy for both of us lately so we definitely enjoyed some time to relax. 

The pool opened on Saturday and we were really excited to go. It was nice, but it was kind of gloomy out. I'm really excited to go back on a sunny day and get some much needed Vitamin D. (I promise Scott had fun!)
Sunday evening we went and visited Scott's little sister's grave and enjoyed a delicious dinner with his family.

Monday morning Scott and I got up early and ran a Memorial Day 5K (there is nothing better than a free 5K!). Then we went and visited my Nana's grave. Her grave is so beautiful! I love going there and thinking about her. She was one amazing woman. 
Then we had a big memorial day brunch! Oh my goodness, this may sound a bit ridiculous, but these were the best pancakes I have ever had! They are chocolate chip bacon bit pancakes. Sounds a little crazy, but it was heaven.
Afterward, five of us went on a nice long bike ride in the summer sun. I wish I would have taken my phone or camera because it was such a beautiful ride! All I have is this picture of us relaxing in the shade right after we got back. 
To end the day we had a delicious Memorial Day BBQ! This was one of the best burgers I've ever had! Grilled pineapple, pepper jack cheese and J-dawgs sauce equals HEAVEN on earth. It was so good I didn't even miss the bun. 
Last week I officially started collecting data for my thesis. I'm excited that my friend Katie and I are working together! That makes the whole experience that much better!
Scott was such a sport and was my first test subject. He let me glue electromagnetic sensors all over his tongue, teeth, lips and wore the ultra stylish sensor glasses. 
Life is fun!:)
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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Rock Water Slide and a Puppy

 This weekend felt like summer! It was exactly what I needed!
We had planned on going camping in Moab, but that fell through at the last minute, so we explored a bit of our own backyard and it was a blast! Once Scott was done working- Friday night consisted of In-n-out burgers and Forest Gump. Saturday we had banana crepes with strawberries for breakfast (yum), cleaned up my cruiser bike for the summer and headed out for a hiking adventure. I had heard about this natural water slide not too far from where we live so we thought we'd check it out. Oh my, it was so much fun!! It was so scary looking, the water was running so quickly, oh and did I mention the water was freeeeezing? But I did it! After Scott did it of course haha, but it was a blast and didn't hurt a bit! We slid down a few times, explored the surrounding waterfalls and laid out in the sun for a bit before hiking back down.
This is the "rock water slide". It looks so much bigger and scarier in person...I promise.
Then we headed to Ikea real quick to get myself a full length mirror. I don't know how I've survived without one for 18 months. It's so nice to see my whole outfit haha

Then we rented a puppy!!!!
Oh my goodness, little James was so cute! He's Chihuahua Yorkie Mix and such a tiny little guy.
We had so much fun playing with him in the park.

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Monday, May 12, 2014

A stressful spring

Two weeks ago I started my last term of classes for Grad school. Come the end of June I'll be starting internships and working on my thesis. I've been in college/graduate school for the last 5 years and I guess you could say I am experiencing extreme senioritis. I'm extremely busy, because I packed a lot of classes, credits, clients, and thesis work into a short term. Because of my stress levels, blogging has been put on the back burner and probably will be for awhile. 
I love this man so much. He keeps me happy all the time.
Gluten free BLT. Delicious, but a little hard to eat...
Everything is so green in Utah lately and I love it. It feels like it has rained more in May than it did in April.
The perfect food for a gloomy rainy day^^^ 
I have never been so happy to have a grilled cheese sandwich. This was the best gluten free bread I have ever had. YUM.
The sun came out and it had to be documented :)
Scott's favorite place recently. 
Spring, I love you but I'll be happy when it's Summer :)
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Monday, May 5, 2014

Mother's Day Giveaway!

Today I'm teaming up with some amazing bloggers and to show you some Mother's Day deals and two giveaways! 
Mother's Day is coming up quickly and I always want to get my mom the perfect gift. My mom is so giving of her time and money to her kids, she rarely gets things for herself. When I was down visiting my family in New Mexico I gave my mom a little makeover with some of my favorite makeup products from Sephora and then we went shopping together to get her favorites.My mom ended up getting the Beauty Blender, Sephora Bronzer and Sephora Concealer.  It's important for Mom's to simplify their lives through wellness. 
I hope that these new beauty products help my mom take some more time for herself each day! Because she deserves it!

To help your mom make a little more time for herself, we're giving away a $150 Sephora gift card! Just use the rafflecopter widget at the bottom of the post to enter!

Also, head over here to enter to win all of these amazing prizes for your Mom!

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