Friday, August 30, 2013


Yesterday I showed you this monochromatic look.
 I didn't really talk about it, so here are the details.

T-shirt||J.Crew  Bottoms||Bohme, similar  Pumps||Ivanka Trump  Bag||Vera Bradley, similar

I've been attempting to put together a monochromatic look for quite awhile now. Each time I've tried it just looks a little off. Finally I put this combo together and I LOVE it! Monochromatic can be so simple and chic. This Vera Bradley bag is also one of my favorite pieces. It is so functional! I use it as my school bag most of the year. It holds all of my heavy books and laptops.. and the handles still look brand new. The fun and happy print just makes it that much better! And surprisingly it goes with almost anything in my closet.

Can't believe school starts in 4 days!!
Happy Friday! 
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Random Fun and Goodbyes

I've been working on decorating our office. If you remember from this post, our office was the one room in our little house that didn't get a makeover after we got married. It's a work in progress, but it's almost done! I'll be sure to post pics of the finished product!
Saturday morning Scott and I went and hiked the Y and then we spent quite a few hours putting new tires on our Jeep. I tried to help, but my muscles just don't compare to Scott's. On another note, if you live in Utah and are looking for a new car, we're selling our Jeep. It's a 1999 classic. Email me if you're interested :)
Saturday night we got to watch this girl play some amazing indoor soccer. Afterward we enjoyed some Hokulia shaved ice! These two are crazy and got the huge size. I LOVE shaved ice, but I stuck with the small.

Sunday I had to say goodbye to two of my favorite people! :( My cousins Avery and McKenzie. 
Avery is leaving to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in St. Louis Missouri and McKenzie is going off to Grad School in Boston. The three of us have been close for...forever! I love these girls SO much and I am going to miss them like crazy!! I couldn't resist posting some of my favorite pics from the past few years.
 Love you Aves and Kenz!! I'm gonna miss you two!
 We spent Sunday afternoon at the In-laws and I learned a few things.  1) they have an apple tree in their backyard and for fun they play "appleball" aka hitting the apples with a baseball bat so juices and apple bits fly everywhere. It was actually extremely fun. 2) I learned that the Hunters eat their corn on the cob row by perfect row. So odd to me, but apparently a lot of people eat it this way.... who knew?
 Now I'm enjoying my last week of freedom before school starts again. Which has included a lot of watching the U.S. Open (I love tennis). 

Come back tomorrow for some REALLY exciting stuff!!!
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

$120 Giveaway

Today, I am so excited to be partnering with these amazing bloggers to bring you this fab $120 giveaway! 
We are all sharing our Favorite Fall Fashion Items and the lucky winner will win $120 to update their fall wardrobe.
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 Good luck!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Peplum & Stripes

Top||Downeast Basics, similar  Jeans||J.Crew  Bag||Cath Kidson, similar   Shoes||Nine West via TJMaxx, similar  Necklace||Gift   Watch||Kate Spade    

I wore this outfit to a girls night out Birthday party. It's a little dressed up, but not too much, and comfy as all get out :)
I've been searching for another peplum top to add to my wardrobe and when I stumbled upon this beauty I knew I had to get it. This striped peplum sweater is pretty unique. I love the zipper up the front, the pocket and all the alternating stripes. I'm also supper happy about finding these adorable kitten heels!! Yay for good deals

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Hair

This summer I have been experimenting with my hair. 
I got highlights for the first time.
 But that was only the beginning...
Misikko sent me this Hana Salon Premier Hair Dryer to review. 
First, the hair dryer is AMAZING!! I've always just bought the standard 20 dollar ones at Target, but this is the real deal. Salon quality for sure. My hair dries at least 5 minutes faster and somehow is it so silky smooth. Another big plus to the Hana Air Hair Dryer is that it isn't as loud as other hair dryers! I know that wouldn't seem like something important, but studying to become a speech language pathologist I've learned how damaging daily hair dryer use can be to your hearing. Nerdy, I know. 
Also, look at all the other goodies they sent with it! I assumed this was because they were sending it to me to review. But then I noticed that Misikko also sold the curling iron that my hairdresser recommended (at an awesome price!). So I ordered it and when the package came it had just as many free goodies! What a cool company!

This is the 1 inch curling wand that I've been using for a long time now. I love it and still use it all the time.
 ^This is what my hair looks like when I curl it with the 1 inch wand^

I wanted to get another curling iron that gave me bigger looser curls. So like I said, I ordered this 1.25 inch Hot Tools Curling Iron that my awesome hairdresser recommended.

^And this is what the 1.25 inch curls look like^
Do they look different to you??
Which look do you guys like?
I like variety, so I'll probably still use both. Just wanted all your opinions:)

And that's my hair... if you even care.
okay, I'm rhyming. I'll stop now.
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wedding Details

With all these weddings going on, I've been thinking about our wedding a lot.
You've probably heard it said "It's all in the details". And you know what? It's true!
It's that last ten percent that makes something good something great!
The little details at our wedding is what made it unique to us. We loved all the little things. So,here are just a few.
My grandma passed away a few years ago, and so it was important to me to incorporate her into our day. I pinned one of the broaches she left me onto my bouquet so that she could be there with me all day :) And I know she was.
I also wore her fur coat. It was one of my favorite things. It was perfect for a winter wedding. 
Candy Bars are becoming more and more common at weddings and I can understand why! They are so much fun!! It's like yummy decorations :) I loved our personalized paper bags. 
My amazingly talented cousin helped me out with my vision for the centerpieces. She is an interior decorator and has an eye for the details. She came up with the idea to use scrabble pieces to spell out cute love phrases throughout the tables. I loved how it turned out.
My dress was extremely simple by itself. No lace. No beading. Which was exactly what I wanted, but I didn't want it to be boring. This embellished belt I found was perfect! Just the right amount of sparkle. 
This is one of my favorite pictures! I'm so glad I quickly made this little chalkboard so I could write this note to my dad. I gave him this picture for Father's Day. (I wish I would have taken the time to write other little thank you notes to family, bridesmaids and friends that I could have given later as gifts)
I don't know if it really counts, but my flowers were one of my favorite details of the whole day. They were perfect! I loved incorporating the silvery greens rather than normal leaves. It was different and helped it look more "wintery".
Instead of a traditional guestbook, we decided to have our guests write their well wishes on blank Jenga pieces. I have all of them displayed in our family room in large glass jars. They look great and they are also really fun to go through and read every now and again. 
This amazing personalized chalkboard was not only a great decoration for the day, but it is one of my favorite art pieces in my house. I will keep it forever!!
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