Sunday, June 30, 2013

A True Princess

On Saturday, I had the awesome opportunity to run in Millie's Princess 5k
(do I look like I'm 3?? haha)

I love running 5k's and I would do it every weekend if it didn't empty my wallet. 
I've run quite a few races, but this one was special. It was my favorite.
Not because I got to wear a tu tu or get a free wand and tiara. 
But because of Millie. 
I never got to meet Millie, but she is one amazing little girl. 
I got to know Millie and her story because Millie is my best friend Carly's niece. 
She was brave, positive, happy, funny, goofy and inspirational.
We all wish she could have been there on Saturday, but she was definitely there in spirit!

Thank you Millie, for teaching me to love every moment of life and live it to the fullest!
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I like artsy things

I have this secret. 
I love artsy stuff. It's something that most people don't know about me. It's something that I like doing by myself.  
 It's a part of me that my husband doesn't really even know very well. It's my "me" time.
And I love it.

There is just something about it. 
Creating something I guess. 
 I made this painting for my family's kitchen a few summers ago. 
I'm so honored that my mom liked it enough to keep it up :)
An oil painting I did. It's my Dad's favorite which makes it special to me!

It's hard to find time to paint nowadays. But, I recently discovered a new kind of art that I love too!- Design.
I've done blog design for a few wonderful bloggers, and I have had just too much fun doing it.
Here are a few examples...
If you're interested is sprucing up your little part of the internet you can email me a for more info.  

And there you have it! You now know my secret. 
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer wouldn't be summer without...

Truly, we LOVE boating!! So, we were super happy when our cousins, the Hansens, invited us to join them on the lake last Saturday. It was a beautiful day. 
Hubby is so impressive. He loves wake boarding.
So does my brother nick. 
He's too cool :)
Uncle Kentie is basically pro.
I love me some Avery time!
Kenzie is also pro. 
Watch out ladies....
I LOVE to water ski. Thanks to my daddy for teaching me. SO fun.
Ok, my cousin Aves is too cute! I'm gonna miss her when she leaves for her mission.
Wake surfing is THE BEST. It is seriously sooooo much fun!!
I just loved having my buddy around this weekend! I miss him!
Sadly, we hit a sandbar made of rocks and ruined the prop :(
Sad our boating trip had to end on a sour note.
We did however do a pretty awesome Harlem Shake on the slow ride back to the docks.
And then we got some snow cones!
What a fantastic day!!
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Revolt//week 7 & My Sweet Tooth

The weeks keep rolling by so fast! and we're still lovin Revolt Fitness.

Today I wanted to talk about my sweet tooth. I think almost everyone has one and I definitely do. 
I think that is one of the reasons Revolt has worked so well for me (and for the hubby). The desserts are delicious! 
All of the desserts have been amazing, but Week 7's dessert has been my favorite!!
Greek Yogurt Chocolate Dip with Strawberries
It's so easy and so so yummy!
I'm not allowed to give out Revolt recipes (just join revolt already :)!!)
Lucky for you, this recipe is all over pinterest and healthy eating blogs already so I can share it with you!

It's this simple-- 
1 Cup Plain Greek Yogurt (I like using Fage brand)
 3-4 Tbs unsweetend cocoa powder
 and Stevia to taste

Truly a healthy dessert. Never thought I would say that....

Also I feel good in a swimsuit. Never ever thought I would say that!! Being healthy is SO worth it.
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Feelin' 22

I know, predictable blog title, but it's true!
Yesterday was my 22nd B-day and it was FANTASTIC!
 My sweet hubby got of work to take me to lunch at Tucanos!! Mmmmmmm SO DELICIOUS. Everything there is to die for, but I have to say that the grilled pineapple is my favorite. It just doesn't get any better than that. Then we walked around the Riverwoods Mall. 
Surf Shop pics. (thanks mom for the lulu jacket:)
 I went to Barnes & Nobel with one of my best friends, Shawn (she's great at recommending books), to pick out some summer reads! Now that school is out for the summer (YAY!) I plan on working out, laying by the pool and doing lots of reading. Sounds so glorious!! 
Scott had the rest of the day planned. He planned for us to decorate my cake together (so fun) but I told him I would help and I wanted him to decorate it:) 
He did a great job. Such a cutie. 

 Then we opened presents 
 I was laughing because I guessed what it was! An organizing basket for our entertainment shelves. (I had been wanting one forever haha)
 Beautiful studs from my stud hahaha
 And my very own softball glove so we can play catch in the park across the street! :)
...,and then we went and played catch in the park across the street. It was super fun minus me getting hit in the hand and the knee and accidentally hitting Scott in the side of the head.....
 Then Scott sang the Birthday Song to me (HILARIOUS), I blew out the candles (in just one blow!) and we ate cake!
 Scott drove us up to Squaw Peak to watch the sunset. It was beautiful.
Then we went home, got it our PJ's and watched my favorite movie, Les Mis. 
It was a perfect day!
Thanks for all the B-day wishes:)
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