Saturday, April 20, 2013

Life according to my iPhone

1// Last Saturday I got to go to a fun little blogger meet up party and it was so fun! I met lots of new friends and got to hang with old friends too- like Rach here
2// I GOT A NEW COMPUTER!! It's a miracle! I'm in love
3// When the sun comes out (though it seems to be rare lately) it's really pretty
4// I finally found a mascara combination that I like
5// Just an outfit I wore one day. I can't get enough of patterned pants
6//We just have too much fun together. All the time. No matter what we're doing. It's FANTASTIC
7// We were watching a Food Network cooking competition show and Scott was inspired. It was really delicious and looked very fancy haha
8// My last finals week in the testing center. See that 100%? Ya that's me. Don't go thinking I'm a genius- it was a indoor cycling test

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  1. Ok spill. What mascara is it!!!????? I need to know!! ;)

    ps. I tagged you in the 5 questions vlog! Check it out!

  2. Bekah, I use Lash Blast(covergirl) for coat one and Scandaleyes(Rimmel)for coat two. Perfect combo of definition and fullness:)

    I'll definitely check out the tag!

  3. LOL indoor cycling test. hey, that's still awesome. i got a 96 on my zumba test. i was sad. hahahaha
    also, i need to know more about this magical mascara combo.

  4. I was going to ask the combo too but I see it up there. :) We are computer twins I do believe!

  5. Listen, any score that gets you a compliment is something to celebrate! I loved when that happened!

  6. Hey, a 100% on any exam is a reason to be excited! Good luck on the rest of your exams.

  7. What is this mascara combo you've got going on because I love it! XO