Wednesday, February 6, 2013

First Style Post Ever...

So, I've always loved following fashion and style blogs and I've never thought that I was stylish enough to have my own. But some of my blogging friends (like Rachel over at Mr. JP and Me) have inspired me. So, here I am doing my very first style post! 

I've never really known what my style is. Probably because I like everything. What I wear one day will be completely different from the next day. Maybe blogging will help me "find" my style. Overall though, I guess I would call my style SIMPLE.

Sweater: Jcrew ($49) Pants: Called to Surf ($60)
Scarf: target (gifted) Watch: Francescas  ($20)
Braclet: Jcrew (gifted)
Boots: Nordstrom ($95)- but I wear them everyday!

Favorite boots ever.

My grandma has style- she gifted me the bracelet

First style post successful? Hope so!

P.S. Thanks hubby for taking pictures of me. And for not thinking I'm crazy :)


  1. So cute! Love the boots! Worth 95$!

  2. dang girl! owe owe! keep the style posts a-comin'! ;)

  3. you look cute girl!
    and i like your style :)


    1. Thanks Kristen!! Love your blog, just started following you(follow me back!:) Jealous of your photography skills.