Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wedding Video

My Wedding Day was the best day ever! I am so grateful to David Perry Films for these amazing wedding videos so that I will never forget what a perfect day it was!
The first video is outside the temple. The pin on my bouquet and the fur coat I wore outside the temple were both my Grandmother Jeri Lu's who past away when I was 14. The second video is of my reception that night at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Everything was so beautiful thanks to my amazing cousin Jessica Bender (she did all the decorations and the flowers).  Also a big thanks to Julie Hill at Layers Cakes for my gorgeous and SO delicious wedding cake. Love these videos, hope you do to!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Finals, Festivities and Family

These past few weeks have been jam packed for Scott and Me. We keep joking that we are going to have 2 months that feel like Christmas. A Wedding really does feel like Christmas! Lots of excitement and lots of gifts! Every time we finally find a place to put our new things we get another bunch of gifts; and it is super fun!:) Everyone has been so generous.

Now it is Christmas time!! We LOVE Christmas!! Too bad finals are there interrupting all the December fun. 
Despite those pesky finals, we were able to fit in a lot of fun! We weren't planning on getting any Christmas decorations since we only had a few weeks in our house before we headed down to New Mexico. But I caved and bought a Christmas Tree-- I just couldn't handle having zero Christmas in our home! We did do the cheap, "we're newlyweds" tree decorations. We made  popcorn garland, while watching The Grinch, hung candy canes and finished it off with a sparkly star. We also spent a night making our very first gingerbread house.

   The Friday before finals we had a date night in Salt Lake City. We went to Scheels (a GIANT sporting goods store that just recently opened) and had a lot of fun looking at all the many things that we would love but can't afford:) And I had fun taking pictures of Scott with odd things....

Then we went and saw the lights at Temple Square. It has always been beautiful to go look at the lights, but this year was extra beautiful. Mainly because temple square means so much more after getting married there. It's even more my favorite temple now!!:)

Finals week went well for Scott and me (especially awesome for Scott because he only had 1!!). I somehow took 5 finals in 2 and a half days and it was great to be done early. As soon as that last final was done we took off for good ole New Mexico. Santa Fe really is so quaint and beautiful- especially at Christmas time! One of the first nights we were in town Scott and I went down to the main plaza to see the lights. 

We brought the family dog, daisy, along for the walk. She is one skiddish thing. Best moment of the night was when a carved wooden tiger scared her to death. It was a fun night! 

Saturday the 15th we had our Open House for the Wedding. My family did such a wonderful job at decorating the house and the food was delicious! It was fun to wear my dress again and to see everyone from New Mexico. Scott's family was so awesome to drive all the way from Utah to be there. It was a really great night. All the Wedding madness and wonderfulness is over! Can't believe it!

It is SO fun to have Scott around at Christmas time!! It's the best gift:) My siblings think he is pretty fun too. My brother Nick and Scott bonded over playing with bucky balls (some sort of magnets). Silly boys. They made all kinds of things, but my personal favorite was the jewelry haha. 

My little sister Emily LOVES playing with Scott. Her latest favorite activity, besides the always loved tickle fights, is watching Scott ("and helping" him) play bike race and fruit ninja on his ipad. I think it's precious:)

Now we are just having fun anxiously awaiting Christmas! Cookie decorating, dessert making, gift wrapping, ornament making and always hoping for snow! 

Love, The Hunters

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

We're MARRIED!! and we went on a honeymoon

We finally got married on Friday November 16th 2012!!! We both agree that it was the best day of our lives. Everything was better than I could have ever imagined. The temple, family, friends, the weather, the reception, the decorations, the food, the cake- everything was perfect. Can't wait to get all the pictures back!!

We spent our wedding night at the Grand America (best hotel ever) and Saturday morning we had Kneaders famous french toast before starting the drive to San Diego. We drove half way and stopped in Vegas at the Hilton Grand Vacations Club. I'm not a huge fan of the strip so we stayed in, ordered pizza and watched the Oregon vs. Stanford football game. (We LOVE football!)

 Sunday we drove of the rest of the way to San Diego. Our first stop was Walmart for groceries for our beach shack. Our Beach Shack was awesome!! It was only 3 blocks from Mission Beach and was just so cute. Sunday night we went to Old Town San Diego for Mexican Food by the fire and shopping.

Monday we got up early and drove to DISNEYLAND! 

We had quite the adventure before even getting into the park. It involved picking up tickets from a crazy Irish lady that were possibly not legal. Once in the park we had tons of fun! Our only wish was that it would have been less crowded. The lines were a little crazy. We thought it would be cool to get our silhouettes cut out and they look nothing like us! haha. We got to make it onto all the best rides in Disneyland before heading over to California Adventure. Scott had never been there before and I wish we would have had more time there. We waited quite a while for the Tower of Terror and it was well worth it!! (my favorite ride) Scott scared some kids in line when he said that only a few people had died- it was hilarious. Our last ride of the day was California Soarin' and then we headed back to San Diego.

Tuesday we slept in and then headed to La Jolla cove to go ocean Kayaking. This was SO much fun!  The seals were swimming all around us and were sometimes a little too close for comfort. After kayaking all around the cove we attempted to "kayak surf" (or ride the wave into shore while still in the kayak). The first time we were successful but the second time we flipped- we love these kind of adventures. Then we went on a beautiful scenic drive, had lunch at In-n-Out Burger and watched the sunset on the beach. Tuesday night we decided to go to the San Diego Temple and it was AMAZING!

Wednesday morning we went on an awesome run/hike. We ran until we hit the surf break which is like a pier made out of rocks and then we hiked 1/2 a mile over the rocks to the end. It was an unexpected adventure and we both had a lot of fun.

Scott made THE BEST banana pancakes I have ever had for breakfast (seriously, they were so good). We played some Yahtzee and made a much needed Costco run to get the needed Thanksgiving Day supplies.

We tried to find a cool restaurant on the beach for dinner and I accidentally took us to a bar. I was ID'd for the first time ever. Eventually we found Luigi's on the Beach and had some awesome pizza.

Thursday was the most different Thanksgiving both Scott and I have ever had and we loved it. We watched the parade and some football. Made cinnamon rolls on the stove since there wasn't a rack in the oven, went on a long walk along the beach and then we were crazy and got in the freezing cold ocean! Even though it was so cold we had a ton of fun.

We made an awesome thanksgiving dinner in our little beach shack! We really surprised ourselves. We did cheat a little. We did have a bird, that we called a turkey, but it was really a rotisserie chicken from Costco. It played the part well though.

We listened to Christmas Music, called our families and watched one of my favorite movies of all time- Fun with Dick and Jane. We attempted to watch Elf but fell asleep in the first 2 minutes.

Friday we went on one last good run along the beach, cleaned up the beach shack and started our drive back home. It was the best week ever! Marriage is awesome and we're really excited for all the other fun adventures we're going to have in the future!