Thursday, April 7, 2016

Bump update - Over half way!

You guys! I can't believe I'm over half way to meeting this little girl! Everyday I somehow get more excited! My first trimester was so hard (felt like I had the flu for 3 months), but the second has been wonderful! I feel great and love food again. More than anything though I am loving feeling baby girl kicking and moving all of the time! It is the coolest feeling in the world!

I have loved taking bump pictures each week! One, because I love watching baby's growth and two, because I love drawing on the chalkboard (it's so fun!). I'm sad I missed a couple of weeks in there since I was out of town or, lets be honest, just lazy :)

We are still just on cloud nine that she is even coming!!

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Life Lately

Life has been so busy and exciting! At the end of February we bought a house! We feel so blessed!
It is the cutest little house and I have loved moving all of our stuff in and making it our own.
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 photo IMG_0618_zps0zgmjuth.jpg
Two weekends ago my not so little anymore brother came to stay with us! I didn't get near enough pictures and none of us together (what is happening to me?!) but we had so much fun having him here!
 photo IMG_0709_zpsi6dmyado.jpg
 photo IMG_0698_zpsdzsz3fqw.jpg
He loves teasing, scaring and playing with Charlie.
 photo IMG_0775_zpsprueaimf.jpg
Last weekend my girlfriend Des and I had our semi-annual girls weekend. I look forward to this so much! Yummy meals, shopping, late night chatting, face masks and anything else girly we did it:)
 photo IMG_0756_zpsxbiesecp.jpg
 photo IMG_0758_zpscsoxnf63.jpg
 photo IMG_0761_zpsxipdisaj.jpg
Searching the hotel for treats in our jammies; me, Des and the bump :)

This past week I flew to California to hang out with my Mom, brother, sister, grandparents and other extended family members. It was wonderful.
 photo IMG_0833_zpszzixt4pn.jpg
The day of our arrival was my little sisters birthday! We celebrated at the Cheesecake Factory on top of Macys.
 photo IMG_0846_zpsmf0lghvw.jpg
And with a trip to the American Girl doll store of course :)
 photo IMG_0897_zpsz7cshthc.jpg
We spent a day walking around the Golden Gate bridge.
 photo IMG_0936_zps2vnzufdi.jpg
 photo IMG_0860_zpshgeppbcy.jpg
And whenever my mom and I are together there must be shopping :) It was all for baby girl and SO much fun!
 photo IMG_0856_zps0oeoayho.jpg
 photo IMG_0834_zps6kuluia7.jpg
It wouldn't be a trip to cali without beautiful scenery and trips to the beach :)
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Monday, February 22, 2016

Catching up... big time!

I love blogging! It has been my personal scrapbook for years! Since about September of last year I have been very bad about blogging. Mainly because of IVF and pregnancy and finishing my thesis. So I will be dumping a lot of photos from the last few months because I don't want to forget about all of those memories!
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I'm going to start with the beginning of Fall. We had so much fun hanging out with fantastic friends!
 photo IMG_6259_zpsrwewrmkn.jpg
 photo IMG_6215_zpskvb8urho.jpg
 photo IMG_6247_zpsryev0f9y.jpg
 photo IMG_6255_zps0q5gc1s4.jpg
In October we went to Colorado twice! The first time we went to hang out with my family for a fantastic weekend! It was GORGEOUS! The fall colors were unbelievable!
 photo IMG_6343_zps8ert2f7q.jpg
 photo IMG_6358_zpszzctq3yo.jpg
 photo IMG_6366_zpsotyoood8.jpg
 photo IMG_6369_zpsgkz5q1dq.jpg
 photo IMG_6373_zpsmzptqwy3.jpg
 photo IMG_6376_zpsii0x0wlh.jpg
 photo IMG_6391_zpsemo7mu59.jpg
 photo IMG_6390_zpswlpmjzzi.png
 photo IMG_6407_zpskpv1lmez.jpg
 photo IMG_6417_zpsn92xwf0y.jpg
 photo IMG_6686_zpsvz6da49b.jpg
Our second trip to Colorado was just two weeks later to Teluride with a bunch of Scott's family.
 photo IMG_6573_zpszljneuag.jpg
 photo IMG_6509_zpswdgwxzgp.jpg
 photo IMG_6515_zps7rgymr1g.jpg
 photo IMG_6562_zpslmsalxyv.jpg
 photo IMG_6571_zpseu7zqmzx.jpg
 photo IMG_6541_zpsktqfnc8m.jpg
 photo IMG_6643_zpsqvs0pviv.jpg
 photo IMG_6564_zpsjuxsyzen.jpg
 photo IMG_6553_zpswkjzxij6.jpg
 photo IMG_6556_zps7mydyfa7.jpg
 photo IMG_6560_zpszavtbpbl.jpg
When we got back, Scott tore his hamstring playing flag football. This was his setup at work since he couldn't sit in a desk haha
 photo IMG_6585_zps7dbejjzc.jpg
Halloween was a blast!!
 photo IMG_6756_zpszcqbpc8l.jpg
Scott and his friends had a flag football game in the morning and we brought donuts and hot chocolate.
 photo FullSizeRender 1_zpsmssb10pq.jpg
I loved our costumes :)
 photo IMG_6659_zpshuc5qief.jpg
 photo IMG_6661_zpsgfz7wmvw.jpg
 photo IMG_6665_zpsq38qacov.jpg
 photo IMG_6663_zpsuufanhhk.jpg
November we celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary!
 photo IMG_7056_zpsdcd8sbug.jpg
 photo IMG_7060_zpskp10xq2s.jpg
 photo IMG_7058_zpsbaarzcl5.jpg
 photo IMG_7175_zps6fjnzkti.jpg
Christmas was a bit of a blur since I was struggling with morning sickness, but it is one I will never forget!
 photo IMG_7166_zpsfecgjini.jpg
 photo IMG_7110_zpse8iyxqxt.jpg
 photo IMG_7463_zpsutt8e7ka.jpg
 photo IMG_0038_zpsvg0yu5h1.jpg
 photo IMG_0088_zpso4jzjcmq.jpg
 photo IMG_0082_zpshjyh8pjn.jpg
Our Christmas Pajamas!
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